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Mini-Grids – Solar PV Investment in Indonesia

One in five people around the world, approximately 1.3 billion people, lack access to electricity. Fides Global are able to provide licensing, government lobbying in Indonesia and leap frog ahead of the competition to establish Solar Mini-Grid Projects around Indonesia. Including new advanced and efficient technology from world renowned Scientists such as SAPS – Solar…

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Solar Advanced Power System

Efficient secondary energy generation from solar radiation based on combined “Photovoltaic(PV) & Heat Concentrator Cells”. For more information please make an enquiry. The innovative technology combines photo-voltaic (PV) with photo- thermal (PT) effects to produce power as well as heat. The solar concentrator technology increases the quantity of photons to feed effectively the technical “absorption”…

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Humanitarian Aid, Clean Energy & Drinking Water – New Ventures

With all the negative news in the World sometimes business should not be about financial gain or luxury items. #FidesGlobal has business ethics which it stands by and this means branching out into other ventures which benefit humanity. From #HumanitarianAid to #CleanDrinkingWater & #GreenEnergy for all those in need. Not all news should be bad…

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