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Hedge Fund Investment – Shariah Compliant

We are now collecting expressions of interest to invest in a Hedge Fund – that invests primarily in American Securities, following a value investing strategy. It is among the top 8% performing Hedge Funds in the world with an historical ROI of 13% YoY. Led by a Chartered Financial Analyst who has a management degree…

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Saudi Arabia & Indonesia meeting to discuss $25bn of Investment in Indonesia

Indonesia will dangle $25 billion worth of investment opportunities, mainly in infrastructure projects, to Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud when he visits Jakarta and Bali this week as the country seeks to increase ties with Saudi Arabia. King Salman is visiting Indonesia as part of an Asian tour to promote investments. Indonesia and Saudi…

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Indonesia & the UK sign agreement on “Creative Economy”

One of the main reasons why we were formed to boost bilateral ties and immediately recognised by Prince Andrew, with Indonesia on course to becoming the Worlds 7th largest Economy.

Mini-Grids – Solar PV Investment in Indonesia

One in five people around the world, approximately 1.3 billion people, lack access to electricity. Fides Global are able to provide licensing, government lobbying in Indonesia and leap frog ahead of the competition to establish Solar Mini-Grid Projects around Indonesia. Including new advanced and efficient technology from world renowned Scientists such as SAPS – Solar…

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Invest in Biotech – Regenerative Medicine

With investments growing in the Biotech and Regenerative Medicine arena (read more here), Fides Global are offering the limited opportunity to buy equity in a leading Biotech Corp associated with UCLA. Bone Biologics Corp, is an US-based company developing Nell-1, a patent protected, orthobiologic that offers significant advantages when compared to lumbar spinal fusion therapies. Nell-1…

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Solar Advanced Power System

Efficient secondary energy generation from solar radiation based on combined “Photovoltaic(PV) & Heat Concentrator Cells”. For more information please make an enquiry. The innovative technology combines photo-voltaic (PV) with photo- thermal (PT) effects to produce power as well as heat. The solar concentrator technology increases the quantity of photons to feed effectively the technical “absorption”…

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British Prime Minister David Cameron & President Jokowi meet to discuss British Investment in Indonesia

When Fides Global was formed in 2013, after over a decade in Indonesia, it was originally formed as a bridge to encourage bespoke Trade & Investment between Indonesia & the UK. Having already been congratulated by HRH Prince Andrew, 10 Downing Street and the former British Ambassador to Indonesia his excellency Mark Canning, Fides Global…

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